The meaning of the name...

Lotus (sanskrit word is padme or padma)- a plant that grows from mud in the water and as it reaches toward the sunlight becomes a beautiful lotus flower.  It symbolizes wisdom, beauty, and purity.

Bliss (sanskrit word is anand) - extreme happiness; spiritual joy

Yoga - means union of two objects.  Whether you connect with your breath and body, body and mind, or soul and spirit.

Meditation tip...

Do you practice a mantra?
A mantra is a word or a phrase that can be repeated aloud or quietly to oneself. The aim is to focus the mind and an intention to oneself or a higher divine power. The simplest word is "om" or "aum". The sound vibration helps to clear the mind and bring peace to the spirit.


Thai Yoga Demonstration

I have been a long time practitioner and a teacher of yoga since 2006. I hope to share the benefits of yoga in my instructions to those who attend my classes. Yoga is not just the physical poses but also an awareness of our breath, body, and spirit. Every one's yoga experience is infinite with many possibilities. Every one's yoga experience is infinite with many possibilities. The goal is to attain balance and peace of mind. ~ Sharon


as of March 4, 2015

If you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher or deepen your yoga practice, please contact at Sakula Yoga, Metuchen, NJ. The next training is September. Sakula Yoga is a registered school 200 hour Yoga Alliance (YA). I am the lead trainer for this program.

Please consult with your physician or healthcare provider prior to a yoga class if you are being treated for an ailment or status of your health before participating